Capstone Healthcare

The CDC recommends telehealth to avoid catching or spreading Coronavirus!

Rx Outreach cares about you. We’ve arranged for you
and your family to receive quality healthcare
services starting at just $12.70 per month!

No Doctor Bills, Co-Pays, or Deductibles. No-Fee Mental Health
Counseling. Savings on 1,000 medications through Rx Outreach, and more.

Program 1. CapstoneCare Silver: $12.70 Individual Plan or $16.95 Family Plan per Month

  • No-Charge Doctor Care from Home. Our board-certified, U.S. telemedicine physicians are standing by to treat you and your family 24/7/365 from home or anywhere by phone or video consultation in under 1 hour. There are no doctor bills, deductibles, or co-pays. Get help with common ailments such as: a cold, fever, the standard flu, skin rash, pink eye, sore throat, nausea, sinus infection, earache, or to ask questions. Available in  English or Spanish
  • Short-Term Mental Health Support. Get short-term help with stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life losses, and other issues from home by phone or video. No counselor fees, deductibles, or co-pays!
  • Prescription Drug Discounts. Save on 1,000 medications through  Rx Outreach.

Program 2. CapstoneCare Premium: $21.20 Individual/$25.50 Family. Everything listed above plus…

  • Discount Dental Services. Save an average of 10-50% per visit on cleanings, x-rays, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, orthodontia, and more at 220,000 participating dentists nationwide.
  • Vision Care Discounts. Save up to 10-50% at 12,000 optical locations.
  • Chiropractic Discounts. Save up to 30% at 12,000 chiropractors plus get a free initial consultation.
  • Diabetes Supplies Discounts. Save 20-85% on name brand and generic diabetes supplies.
  • Hearing Discounts. Save up to 20-50% on brand-name hearing aids.
  • Discount Pet Services. Save up to 85% on pet medications and 25% on services at participating veterinarians.

Signing up for CapstoneCare is fast and easy! Use Promo Code RX15 and SAVE 15%!!

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