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Capstone Health Network Management and Advisory Team

Jeff Roberts, CEO

Jeff RobertsJeff Roberts is a life-long entrepreneur with extensive experience starting new businesses and helping large and small companies grow their sales and address marketing, business development, lead generation, and sales issues.  During his business career, Jeff has helped add $700,000,000 in sales for nearly 200 clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Oracle, Deloitte, Motorola, and many more.  Jeff founded Capstone Healthcare Network because he is passionate about helping other people and wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives by expanding healthcare availability and taking action to bring down the high cost of healthcare.  Jeff has been a guest speaker for IBM, Motorola, and at CEO conferences.  After the 911 tragedy, Jeff chaired an organization which created and promoted the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance which was designed to honor the heroes who were lost on September 11th.

Dr Dan WingerDan Winger

Dan is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and the owner of a long established veterinary practice in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  He and Jeff Roberts have known each other for decades.  Together Dan and Jeff invested two years of time and their own money to research the healthcare market and create the Capstone Healthcare Network program.

Dr. Dhrumil Shah, Capstone Health Network
Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Dhrumil Shah has been practicing medicine for 10 years and holds degrees in Family Medicine and Health Informatics with a special interest in chronic diseases, diabetes, geriatrics, and preventative care.Dr Dhrumil Shah   Dr. Shah is a family physician and a CMIO (Chief Medical Information Officer) at Compass Medical, an independent provider led organization in Southeast Massachusetts. His primary interests and focus areas are digital health innovation, data science and care analytics, health innovation and entrepreneurship, and life science technology commercialization.

Dr. Shah also provides advisory and consultation services for, and speaks at, companies and entities around the globe who are looking to explore disruptive innovation ideas and create a scalable business model in the areas of bio entrepreneurship, bioscience, healthcare, healthcare IT, and medical tourism.

Nancy Thurman, MD, CPC, ELI-MP
Capstone Health Network
Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Nancy Thurman

Doctor Nancy Thurman is an anesthesiologist, lifestyle telemedicine physician, and medical practice workflow consultant who believes in treating and healing the person through mind and body medicine approaches. She is certified in medical acupuncture, board certified in anesthesiology, certified in life coaching, and believes all patients have the innate ability to heal the body and mind by instituting sustainable lifestyle changes.  After many years of doing clinical anesthesia for thousands of surgical cases, Dr. Thurman decided she wanted to make a bigger impact on the health and vitality of her patients so she established a lifestyle telemedicine practice to teach patients the importance of self care in preventing disease.  Dr. Thurman has personally and professionally seen the results of behavioral modification on disease prevention and treatment and encourages patients to empower themselves to feel better without relying on pills, surgeries, and symptom-based reactionary treatments.  Dr. Thurman can be reached through LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/nancythurmanm

Dr. ZalzalaDr. Sajad Zalzala, Capstone Health Network
Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Zalzala is a physician, entrepreneur, and innovator.  He graduated Wayne State University School of Medicine and is Board Certified in Family Medicine.  In addition to his own private practice, Dr. Zalzala is licensed in 35 states and the province of Ontario and has extensive experience in the field of disease prevention and telemedicine.  He is a consultant for numerous healthcare ventures and is the Founder of My Allergy Genius (www.myallergygenius.com) and Root Causes Clinic (www.rootcausesclinic.com)

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