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Today’s businesses and employers face unprecedented challenges that make it difficult to compete, grow, and turn a profit.  These include difficulty finding and hiring employees, a lack of affordable health insurance, and problems with employee turnover.  To affordably address these issues, Capstone Health Network, a national healthcare company, created CapstoneCare Small Business Health and Dental.  CapstoneCare costs under $30 per employee per month.

Big Benefits for Small Employers!

  • Attract and hire quality employees
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Cut the cost of providing health and dental by up to 90%
  • Provide employees with high-quality health and dental
  • Reduce employee sick days and call-offs
  • Provide a desirable, low-cost employee benefit for your full time, part time, 1099 employees, and Gig workers
  • Decrease the chances employees will catch COVID-19
  • Improve employee productivity and job satisfaction

CapstoneCare gives employers an affordable alternative to high-cost, high-deductible traditional health insurance.  CapstoneCare addresses the 75-80% most common reasons people see doctors at just 5-10% of the cost of health insurance.  CapstoneCare goes beyond health insurance by including dental services and families of employees at NO extra cost.  Plus, it has NO doctor bills, counselor fees, co-pays, or deductibles!

Give your employees Health and Dental for $30 or less per month! CapstoneCare includes…

  • Telemedicine/Doctor Care. Unlimited, no-charge doctor care 24/7/365 in under 1 hour from the comfort and safety of home. Provided by U.S. doctors licensed in your state
  • Dental Services. Save 15-50% on a wide array of dental services at 150,000 dentists nationwide!
  • Mental Health Counseling. Short term, no-fee mental health help from Master’s level counselors!
  • Prescription Drug Discounts. Save up to 80% on all FDA-approved medications!
  • Healthcare Services. Save 10-50% on hearing, vision, chiropractic, diabetes supplies, insulin, pet meds, and more!

CapstoneCare can be a standalone employee benefit, or a cost-saving supplement to your existing employee health insurance. CapstoneCare can be employer-paid, employee-paid, or a combination. There are NO contracts or paperwork and signing up is fast and easy.

For additional information and answers to your questions, please contact us by phone or use the following form. A member of our team will get back to you promptly.  If you are not an employer but an individual interested in CapstoneCare, click here for additional information.

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    *CapstoneCare is not health insurance. It is a discount healthcare program. A family is considered to be the person signing up (the Member), plus their spouse or significant other, and their dependent children up to the age of 26. The CapstoneCare Silver program (unlimited no-charge telemedicine, no-fee mental health counseling, and discounts on all FDA-approved prescription drugs) is available in all 50 states. CapstoneCare Premium (everything in CapstoneCare Silver plus discounts on dental, hearing, vision, chiropractic, diabetes supplies, pet meds, and more) costs an additional $10 per month. CapstoneCare Premium is not available in Alaska, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.