Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy

In addition to providing our Members with a world class telemedicine program, at no additional cost, Capstone Health Network members and their families also receive access to a group of comprehensive healthcare services referred to as Karis360*.

Karis360 Healthcare Navigator

  • Physician and Hospital Search Assistance – Our compassionate, highly trained Patient Advocates will help you find quality local quality physicians, specialists, and surgeons
  • Prescription Cost Search – Our Patient Advocates will help you find the lowest price available for medications as well as identify assistance support programs and mail order options
  • Health Cost Estimates – We can provide price estimates for various outpatient procedures in your area
  • Appointment Scheduling – Our Patient Advocates can schedule primary care and specialist visits, as well as lab work, imaging services, flu shots, and more
  • Medical Records Transfer – We can help you set up the seamless transfer of your medical records between healthcare providers
  • Elder Care Services – Our Patient Advocates can help you find assisted living facilities, coordinate home healthcare services, assist with Medicare applications, help with questions and appeals, Medicaid denials, VA benefits, assist you with obtaining supplemental insurance, and more

Karis360 Bill Navigator

Did you know that two thirds of all bankruptcies in the United States are due in full or part to medical bills?  Our experienced Patient Advocates can help address the out-of-pocket medical costs for our Members.

  • Medical Bill Negotiation – One of our dedicated Patient Advocates can work directly with your healthcare provider (including doctor’s offices, out-patient clinics, and hospitals) to reduce the portion of your medical bills you are responsible for in excess of $2,500
  • Pre-Negotiation Services – In many cases, our Patient Advocates can help negotiate lower medical costs before you have a procedure or surgery.  Members provide their Advocate with a written estimate and our trained professionals will attempt to pre-negotiate lower pricing. This can ease your stress and save you money
  • Proven Results – We have the experience and knowledge to provide real measurable results for our Members.  With the Karis Bill Negotiator service, average savings earned for a member can be as much as 65% of the out-of-pocket expense for which the member is responsible. Members without insurance can see up to 85% average savings due to our assistance on their behalf

karis360 Surgery Saver

Healthcare is one of the few, if not only, U.S. industries where a person buys a service without knowing the cost up-front.  Karis360™ empowers our Members and brings price transparency to the healthcare marketplace.

  • Cost Saving Research and Information – As a Member you will have access to an experienced Patient Advocate who will research up to five surgical facilities for non-emergency procedures in your area.  The goal is to provide Members with the most current and accurate information regarding costs, quality, availability, and more so you can make the best and most educated decisions
  • Real Results and Savings – Did you know that prices for the same surgical procedures can vary by as much as 66% between the highest and lowest quoted prices in the same city or area?  Although every situation is unique, by using Surgery Saver, Members have historically realized an average savings of up to $13,000 per procedure

Chaplain Service Available

In addition to assistance with physical issues, Members can often benefit from help regarding emotional and spiritual issues.  Our compassionate, caring, on-call Chaplains are available to spend time with Members by phone in order to listen, provide support, guide, and help Members find answers and direction.

Important Note: *Karis360 is not insurance and does not provide funds to pay bills.  This is a best-efforts service and results cannot be guaranteed.