Capstone Health Network

Comparison Between Health Insurance and the
CapstoneCare Healthcare from Home program

Affordable health insurance does not exist, so Capstone Health Network, a national healthcare company, created CapstoneCare, a high-quality, low-cost alternative to expensive high-deductible health insurance. The CapstoneCare Healthcare from Home program can treat the 75-80% most common medical issues at just 5-10% of the cost of health insurance!

Healthcare Topic Health Insurance CapstoneCare™
Covers the top 75-80% of why people consult doctors Yes Yes
Doctor consultations are available 24/7 every day of the year Possibly Yes
Doctors can write prescriptions for antibiotics, etc. Yes Yes
Doctors are U.S. based, licensed, and board certified Yes Yes
Are there deductibles for doctor-provided services? Yes No
Do people have to pay co-pays and out of pocket costs? Yes No
Does program include no-charge telemedicine? Possibly Yes
How long does it take to get treated by a doctor? Hours/days 10-60 minutes
Does program cover hospital stays, transplants, medical tests, in-person doctor visits, cancer treatments Yes No
Is short term no-fee mental health counseling included? No Yes
Is doctor care/mental health counseling from home included? Unlikely Yes
Are families covered at no additional cost? No Yes
Does program include discounts on dental services? No Yes
Does program include discounts on prescriptions? Possibly Yes
Does program require complicated paperwork? Yes No
Does the program require a long-term contract? Yes No
Is the program HIPAA compliant? Yes Yes
Typical monthly cost for an Individual/Family $200-$500 $19.95-$29.95

The CapstoneCare Healthcare from Home Program
sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! Here are a few of the reasons why CapstoneCare costs just 5-10% of the price of traditional health insurance:

  1. Capstone Health Network is a social good company. Unlike insurance companies which are focused on maximizing profits for their shareholders, Capstone is motivated by making a difference in the life and health of individuals, families, and small businesses by making health coverage affordable
  2. Capstone does not have layers of high-paid management or expensive national advertising campaigns which drive up costs and which insurance companies pass along to their customers
  3. Capstone was not designed to cover expensive medical issues that few people need but which drive up costs such as hospital stays, organ transplants, diagnostic tests, chemotherapy, and surgery. By focusing on providing medical care for the 75-80% most common reasons people consult with doctors we are able to keep our costs as low as possible. We pass these savings on to our members

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