Capstone Health Network

Comparison Between Traditional Health Insurance
and the CapstoneCare™ Healthcare Program

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare in America was in trouble. Tens of millions of people have no health insurance and that number is expected to swell as 25% of the U.S. workforce has been downsized or lost their jobs. In addition, monthly premiums are unaffordable, insurance has high deductibles and co-pays, prescription drug costs are sky high, health insurance does not include dental coverage, mental health counseling is not readily available or affordable, health insurance requires complicated paperwork, and more. As an antidote to these challenges, Capstone Health Network and our founders’ team of doctors and healthcare advocates created CapstoneCare™. CapstoneCare™ is not health insurance. It’s a unique alternative to health insurance that makes healthcare faster, easier, convenient, and affordable.

Healthcare Service or Topic Health Insurance CapstoneCare™
Covers top 75-80% of reasons people see doctors  Yes  Yes
Provides doctor consultations 24/7/365 Possibly Yes
Doctors can write non-narcotic prescriptions Yes Yes
Deductibles for Doctor Services Yes No
Co-pays for Doctor Services Yes No
Telemedicine Doctor Care Included Possibly Yes
Per Use Fees for Telemedicine Probably No
Time It Takes to Get Treated by a Doctor Hours/Days/Weeks 10-60 minutes
Covers In-Hospital Stays, Cancer Treatments, etc. Yes No
Mental Health Counseling has NO counselor fees, co-pays, or deductibles No Yes
Doctor Care and Mental Health Counseling is provided from the comfort/safety of home No Yes
Discount Dental Services Included No Yes
Prescription Drug Discounts Included Possibly Yes
Complicated Paperwork/Billing Statements Yes No
Contract Required Yes No
Program is Month to Month No Yes
HIPAA Compliant Yes Yes
Substantial Administration Required Yes No
Monthly Individual/Family Cost $200-$1,000+ $19.95 – $30

Capstone Health Network: Healthcare Re-Invented

“This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch? How can your prices be so low?”

CapstoneCare™ covers the top 75-80% of the reasons people typically see doctors (such as a cold, the traditional flu, skin rash, nausea, pink eye, sinus infection, sore throat, earache, to ask a doctor a question, to request a prescription, etc.). However, because CapstoneCare™ is NOT health insurance we don’t cover expensive medical treatments that drive up the cost of traditional health insurance such as: in-hospital stays, broken bones, cancer treatments, and life-threatening illnesses. Here are some of the other ways Capstone Health Network works hard to keep our prices as affordable as possible:

  1. We have negotiated special deeply discounted pricing with leading national healthcare networks and providers which have nearly 5,000,000 subscribers. We leverage this huge buying power to provide high-quality, affordable services and big savings for our members
  2. We work hard to keep our operating costs as low as possible compared to health insurance companies who have layers of high-paid management and huge national advertising budgets
  3. Unlike insurance companies which focus on making as much money as possible for their shareholders, Capstone Health Network is a “social good” company. We’re motivated by making a difference in the life, health, and budgets of individuals, families, employees, and employers of all sizes! We choose to keep our prices as low as possible even if it means “leaving money on the table”

For more information about the CapstoneCare™ program, or to sign up for
this life-changing alternative to health insurance, please visit our website: or call 877-715-2800