Capstone Healthcare Services

  • Talk to a doctor or mental health counselor 24/7/365!
  • No deductibles, no co-pays, and no doctor fees or medical bills!
  • Get healthcare from home or anywhere in under an hour!
  • Just $12.95 for individuals and $18.95 for families per month!

“Visit with a doctor without leaving home and cut the cost (by up to 90%).” – Diane Sawyer, ABC News

Introducing Capstone Health Network.  We formed this fast, convenient, affordable healthcare program because 28 million Americans have no health insurance, tens of millions of people have expensive, high deductible health insurance that pays only a small fraction of their medical bills, and millions are afraid to see a doctor because they worry they can’t pay for it.  Capstone Health Network feels this not right and we decided to do something about it.

Capstone Health Network is a social good company with a big mission… improve healthcare accessibility, make healthcare faster and more convenient, and bring down the high cost of healthcare for individuals, families, and businesses.  To accomplish these goals Capstone has put together a national network of highly qualified, U.S.-based physicians, counselors, and healthcare patient advocacy professionals who are standing by to serve you and your family 24 hours a day every day of the year.


Get everything listed below for just $12.95 per month for 1 person or $18.95 per month per family!

(Includes the Member plus their spouse and dependent children up to 26 years old!)


  • Speak to a doctor 24/7/365 by phone or video from home or any location even on nights, weekends, or holidays!
  • Save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually on out-of-pocket healthcare costs not covered by insurance
  • Keep your doctor and current health Insurance. No need to switch insurance plans, health networks, or doctors
  • Ideal for common health issues such as colds, flu, sore throat, nausea, rashes, ear aches, health-related questions, etc.
  • Costs as little as 43 cents per day to talk to our telemedicine doctors versus $100-$1,000 at an ER or Urgent Care!
  • No Insurance? No problem!  Capstone Health Network is an ideal fill in until you purchase standard health insurance
  • Our telemedicine program has a 90% renewal rate and patient satisfaction rating!
  • Reduce missed work and lost wages due to illness. Talk to a doctor before or after work by phone or video
  • Our board certified tele-physicians can prescribe and send non-narcotic drugs to the local pharmacy of your choice!
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions, no contacts, and no complex sign up forms!
  • Telemedicine has been featured in the NY Times, Time Magazine, the Journal of American Medical Association, ABC News
  • Monthly memberships are auto-deducted monthly for your convenience

Telephonic Counseling Services

  • Speak to a highly trained, caring counselor 24/7/365 who will listen, provide guidance, and as needed make referrals
  • Unlimited 30 minute counseling sessions with the same experienced, compassionate counselor each time
  • Get support for life losses, relationship issues, depression, change, transition, financial stress, and more 

Patient Advocacy Support Services

  • Trained specialists act as your personal advocate to help you navigate the complex world of healthcare, find a new doctor, locate and compare high quality surgeons, assist with understanding medical forms, negotiate with hospitals and medical providers to work to reduce high medical bills in excess of $2,500, identify opportunities to save on prescriptions, and much more

Capstone Health Network can dramatically reduce out-of-pocket healthcare costs for you and your family.  According to the Wellness Councils of America and other organizations, 70-80% of all visits to doctors, urgent care facilities, and emergency rooms can be successfully handled by a remote consultation with a telemedicine doctor without the need to see a doctor in person.  This is not only much more convenient it can save a great deal of money since a visit to an urgent care or emergency room can run $100 to $1,000 or more.  By comparison, as a Member of the Capstone Health Network, you get all of the services described above for just $12.95 per month for an individual and $18.95 per month for a family!

Capstone Health Network lets you speak to an experienced doctor or behavioral counselor when and where you want (even at 3 am in the morning, holidays, or weekends) from home or any location!  You don’t need to change your doctor or current health insurance plan, there are no health questions to answer, and no pre-existing health condition restrictions.

To learn more about Telemedicine, simply click on the Telemedicine selection tab at the top of this page, or view the following 4 minute Telemedicine story reported by ABC’s Diane Sawyer.  It’s called Cutting Your Doctor Bills in Half Without Going to the Doctor’s Office.

For answers to commonly asked questions about the Capstone Health Network program, please visit the Q&A Section and/or email us by using the form located in the Contact Us section.